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Sigmund Spotlight: Youth Dynamics

Sigmund Customer Spotlight: Get to Know Youth Dynamics!

Learn about Youth Dynamics, Montana's largest provider of comprehensive children's mental health services, in their recent Sigmund Spotlight feature!

Youth Dynamics has been a Sigmund customer since 2011 and we thought it was time to tell the world about this fantastic organization and all the amazing work they do for the youth and families of Montana!"

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EHR Progress Notes Features

EHR Progress Notes Features That Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes

Progress notes are a critical aspect of the treatment process that electronic health record (EHR) software has updated this century.

Digitized progress notes have injected efficiency into healthcare documentation that was unattainable when they were primarily written by hand.

Because progress notes are such a fundamental element to health care, just about every EHR vendor now offers their own version.

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Behavioral Health Billing Services

Behavioral Health Billing Services: 3 Must-Have Software Features

Getting the most out of your behavioral health billing services means so much more than getting paid on time.

When looking for behavioral health billing services, there are many software elements to consider to meet your day-to-day needs. In this article, we will explore the three most critical software features that help providers get the most out of their billing platform:

  1. Dynamic Revenue Cycle Management
  2. Real-Time Results
  3. Efficient and Easy to Use Platform

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